Steve "Red Heart" Pierre (Eric Smallhouse)

Perhaps ironically for someone who plays a crusader against electricity, Steve studied electrical engineering - first at Haskell Indian Nations University, then later under RCA in Los Angeles. He quit a high-paying engineer job at Bell Telephone to return to his home state and connect to his roots. "Like Eric, I did move back to the reservation and I did try to change things," says Steve.

Representing his tribe, the Kalispel, Steve lobbied in Washington D.C. to save his and other reservations. "I actually got into a four hour argument with Senator [Henry "Scoop"] Jackson. But I won." Continuing his activism, Steve received a grant from the Ford Foundation to study economic development at reservations all over the country. Asked to lead his tribe, Steve turned down the task. "I told them I was too young. I didn't have enough wisdom." He spent the next 15 years touring as a musician, performing under his Indian name, Red Heart.

In the final week of shooting, Steve suffered a stroke. He is currently making a steady recovery with the help of his family.

Steve Pierre

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