Rain in the Mountains Press Coverage
"Independent film tells story from a Native American perspective"
March 30, 2007
Tacoma Weekly
BY Natasha Jaksich

Puyallup Tribal members will want to keep an eye on the big screen, as one of their own has a co-starring role in the film “Rain in the Mountains.”

The movie co-stars Robert Satiacum as a tribal police officer.

The movie had its world premier in Washington, D.C. and will travel to several film festivals.

Satiacum first got his shot at a movie role when he answered an open casting call.

He auditioned and was offered the part. Initially, two other tribal members, Dennis La Pointe and Nancy Shippentower-Games, were cast as tribal council members in the film, but were cut out due to a script revision.

He said they first started shooting for the movie in summer 2005 in the Olympic Mountains, on Mount Rainier and in Olympia.

The film is a Native American comedy written and directed by Joel Metlen.

“The movie was wonderful and rewarding experience,” Satiacum said. “It was a breath of fresh air, finally a movie about Indian life today with Indians portraying Indians.”

Satiacum said the movie script was revised to create more scenes for him.

“Rain in the Mountains” was first shown at Mid-Valley Video Festival in Salem, Ore. in February, then in Washington, D.C. this month. Satiacum said it will also be shown at another festival in New York. He hopes to arrange a local screening.

Satiacum said he feels acting comes naturally to him. “As a child it wasn’t cool to be Indian,” he recalled, “so I did what I could to fit in. So I guess it’s easy for me to act.”

He added that he hopes to be a role model for other Native children and adults wanting to get into the movie industry.

“It’s the right time for our people to get into the music and film industry,” he said. “It’s time for Native Americans to step up and be recognized as entertainers as well. Our people like seeing our people on the screen.”

Satiacum said he would like to branch off into doing movies full time.

“The door is cracked open now,” he remarked. “That’s all it takes.”

Satiacum said he is also filming another movie centered on his late father, Chief Bob Satiacum.